Global Team Leaders

The Best Is Yet To Come by Mikhail Livshitz
USA/RUSSIA Team Leader
Who Has Built A Ten Level Team of Over 190,000 IVs
(Can Earn Up To $95,000 Monthly with $10 Power Leg Bonus)

My name is Mikhail Livshitz and I do have over 190.000 IVs in THW Global! I was Born in Former Soviet Union but now I live in Philadelphia for about 37 years and been in the network marketing for over 36 years! I have never seen an opportunity like THW Global and I thank my upline for introducing me to this great Company, THW Global!!!  The Best THW Global is Yet to Come!!!    Mikhail Livshitz

What? You Say You Have No Time by Bill Rojas
Australia Team Leader
Who Has Built A Ten Level Team of Over 40,000 IVs
(Can Earn Up To $20,000 Monthly with $10 Power Leg Bonus)

I am thankful, honored and excited to be a part of the THW Global Leadership! About 2 months ago my sponsor invited me to get involved in this incredible opportunity and I had no hesitations in joining as I knew the incredible opportunity that was given to me. I started sponsoring people straight away and have created 4 Skype rooms one for the English speaking members and one for the Spanish members and another for the Portuguese speaking members.In that time I have nearly accumulated over 40,000 IVs in my network and my main aim is to reach 100,000 members by the next month. It has been a very challenging task for me as I work 9 to 10 hours full time in my conventional business and then get home and do my online business.   When people start complaining to me they have no time then I tell them about me and they are speechless. If you have the desire to succeed and want to provide your family a better quality of life you will move heaven and earth to succeed. How big are you dreams I ask them.  I like to thank my upline who have been instrumental in helping me create a fantastic organization.  Hope to see everyone in Hawaii and drinking Piña Coladas.  Bill Rojas

Eagerly Looking Forward To The Future by Tran Kieu Thi
Vietnam Team Leader
Who Has Built A Ten Level Team Just Under 30,000 IVs
(Can Earn Up To $15,000 Monthly with $10 Power Leg Bonus)

Hello, I'm Tran Kieu Thi and I live in Vietnam. When I was first introduced to THW Global I saw this as an opportunity by myself and I realized THW Global also carries great significance because it will help improve life for many people around me in particular and everyone in the community for Vietnam in general. So I began to act very quickly and very strongly. I'm very lucky to find a very enthusiastic young people and we have come together to build a team with almost  30,000 IVs today. Despite experiencing some difficulties, but I believe in the development and growth of the program. I and my team and all of Vietnam IVs are eagerly looking forward to the day the program becomes very successful and becomes the top 10 most powerful advertising companies worldwide. Thank you very much THW Global for this opportunity to help bring so much possible improve income opportunities for Vietnam in particular and to all others worldwide. Hope to accompany the development of cooperation between THW Global and all IVs in Vietnam and the parent company will be good long term. I wish all of us much success as we develop this good opportunity for all now and future IVs.

I Was Very Impressed by Tran Nguyen Linh
Vietnam Team Leader
Who Has Built A Ten Level Team of Over 30,000 IVs
(Can Earn Up To $15,000 Monthly with $10 Power Leg Bonus)

Hello everyone, my name Tran Nguyen Linh. I live in Vietnam, I am very pleased to be a part of THW Global Leadership in Vietnam. I was very impressed with THW Global because there was a great idea which can change the lives of many people. The work that THW Global has created means so much to me, my family, my friends and a lot of people in Vietnam. I look forward to THW Global growing and helping many to have the opportunity to change lives through this opportunity. Since I found out about THW Global I knew that we needed each other. I started right away with a belief that this is going to work well for a very long time. I determined it could be the opportunity of a lifetime in my life and that I had to catch the wave. I had to learn all of the information activities of THW Global so that I could share this great opportunity with everyone. I have built a team of over 30,000 IVs in Vietnam. Now I really am looking forward to the day THW Global will have strong local activity as the confidence of everyone has put in and giving an opportunity and bright future for all IVs who are participating.

I Believe The Fun Is Just Beginning by Mikhail Stepanov
Moldova Team Leader
Who Has Built A Ten Level Team just Under 50,000 IVs
(Can Earn Up To $25,000 Monthly with $10 Power Leg Bonus)

Hello, friends! My name is Mikhail Stepanov. In the past I worked in the advertising industry for over 15 years. When I read the first time the proposals made by THW Global regarding the advertising industry. I immediately realized that this is a revolutionary solution. Immediately I decided that this was my chance to connect from the beginning. I started to invite people to this exciting opportunity. Even though I live in a small country where I live in Moldova. I have been able to create a great team of partners. I believe the fun is just ahead. We are only at the beginning a great success with THW Global !!!

A Genuine And Marketable Product by Richard Brantley
USA Team Leader
Who Has Built A Ten Level Team of Over 20,000 IVs
(Can Earn Up To $10,000 Monthly with $10 Power Leg Bonus)

It is with deep appreciation, that I have been offered the opportunity of THW Upper Echelon Leadership, none of which I take lightly or for granted. I have been laboring Full Time Online for more than (14) years, building a healthy team of trusted, faithful members, while branding myself as a Trustworthy and Competent Marketer.  As a result, I have been Blessed to gather a large following of real friends and Professionals. I was fortunate to have one of those friends share THW Global with me near the start, and came in only hours after we went to soft Launch.  Having been an admin and Host Moderator in many sizable Programs, I have seen the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, and was therefore, quick to recognize the reality of what THW Global was bringing to the table, and I seized upon it and went immediately to work. I burn within with a desire to be a part of a Company, that can bring real and sustainable integrity back to the World Wide Web, thereby, having a genuine, marketable product, with which I can honestly offer to the General Public, without fear of them being scammed.  And that value right there, I find in THW Global, like I fail to see elsewhere on the Internet!  I would count it an honor, to serve in whatever capacity I may be of service, while building something Great, in this wonderful Enterprise.     To Our Mutual Success,   Richard Brantley

I Do Not Intend To Stop Here by Nathalie Fontaine
France Team Leader
Who Has Built A Ten Level Team of over 20,000 IVs
(Can Earn Up To $10,000 Monthly with $10 Power Leg Bonus)

I am delighted to be part of your team and this wonderful adventure.  I am also very excited that the launch begins in order to continue further. I mounted my team through the duplication of some people on my team who understood the advantage to duplicate. I do not intend to stop here and I aim certification and the high level.  thank you all for this opportunity

I Am Very Proud of My Team by Hayet Dridi
Tunisia Team Leader
Who Has Built A Ten Level Team of over 20,000 IVs
(Can Earn Up To $10,000 Monthly with $10 Power Leg Bonus)

My Name is Hayet DRIDI and I'm very proud to be a part of the great team of THW Global.  When I get the information about THW Global from June 2016 , I believed that is a very good Idea to earn money just viewing and comment videos , and why not build a team and give this opportunity to my friends! and until this date I get the pleasure to have all this people with me and feel so proud of our work !  It is so unique to have such e team in Tunisia !  Together with my team we create a Facebook group with over than 5000 people who get informed on time , have the right information in order to have more and more IV's qualified and can do their job correctly as requested from THW Global . this is a real opportunity for us : many people need such income monthly ! and having just a good internet connection and an hour per day is very easy to do :)    I'm very proud of my team and to be one of the leaders in the world in THW Global , thank you for this !

I Am Very Excited by Qaim Khan 
Pakistan Team Leader
Who Has Built A Ten Level Team over 30,000 IVs
(Can Earn Up To $15,000 Monthly with $10 Power Leg Bonus)

I am very much exited  to become part of THW Global Leadership Team.  I am sure  that THWGlobal will lead  the world in the field of video sharing of their product. THWGlobal is the best platform to show/advertise products at massive scale with quality audience. Here, we are expecting to have great knowledge about videos internet marketing as well as from earning point of view.  I already have sufficient knowledge in the field of internet marketing. Educationally, I am Post Graduate with sufficient working knowledge.  II will do my best to promote the group in a effective manner.  Qaim Khan

I Am Building A Great Team by Nur Achmad Muarif
Indonesia Team Leader
Who Has Built A Ten Level Team of over 30,000 IVs
(Can Earn Up To $15,000 Monthly with $10 Power Leg Bonus)

I am excited about the THW Global and really hope for THW Global to change my financial future and that of my family. I am building a great team in my country. I want to thank my team for how hard they are working to make THW Global the No. 1 advertising program in the world.  thanks.  Nur Achmad Muarif

I Wish Everyone Health and Success by VO VAN BAN
Vietnam Team Leader
Who Has Built A Ten Level Team of over 20,000 IVs
(Can Earn Up To $10,000 Monthly with $10 Power Leg Bonus)

My name is VO from VIETNAM. My sponsor shared THW Global on July 4th, 2016. I knew that this opportunity would be a welcome trend in Vietnam. Especially being an internet service for commercial advertising. It was with that belief that I am a THW Global Team Leader today. I am so glad that I am a witness to the growth especially the way it is flourishing and soon will be in the top ten advertisers in the world. I'm proud to be a Team Leader with THW Global so early on with over 20,000 IVs and growing. This is a small contribution at this time for I wish to build a much larger team in the near future. I am doing my best to help my team understand this new internet technology advertising opportunity. I truly thank THW Global and the Founders, Leaders and others who have made THW Global available to so many. I wish them all much health and success. So that they will continue to bring financial value to all communities worldwide. Again I Thank Everyone Involved. VO

I Am Not Stopping by Sylvie Edy
France Team Leader
Who Has Built A Ten Level Team of over 20,000 IVs
(Can Earn Up To $10,000 Monthly with $10 Power Leg Bonus)

Hello,  THW Global is a great opportunity I think it 's a great idea , it is credible, it will be an important means of communication for companies and opinion surveys. I finally found something that suited me completely I 'm not ready to stop! My THW Global Ten Level Team has grown to over 20,000 and I am not stopping.
Inspiration From Your Global Team Leaders

ONLY 2 COMPANIES IN THE WORLD HIT 1 MILLION MEMBERS IN UNDER 3 MONTHS!  "INSTAGRAM and THWGlobal" Spotify took 5 months! Dropbox took 7 months! Facebook took 10 months! Twitter took 24 months! Kick Starter took 30 months!

"Ron Gene"
USA Team Leader
Who Has Built A Ten Level Team of over 96,163 IVs
(Can Earn Up To $48,000 Monthly with $10 Power Leg Bonus)

Hello…. My name Ron Gene Founder of  Christian Business Man and Entrepreneur "Ron Gene" serves and has served on several boards with technology, affiliate marketing, and direct sales companies both as a Staff member and Business Consultant lending his expertise with a background in sales and  marketing,telephony,merchant accounts and payroll solutions.   Currently Ron Gene  is a Senior Advisory Board Member of a  Christian Business & Consulting Network.    My deepest desire as an Independent Represenative with THW has been to join a group of like minded Entrepreneurs who have a Global reach and the ability to communicate to each other's strengths.  I'm finally recognizing THW Global a TEAM of Global Leaders as a marketing entity in and on to itself and is not controlled by Google or any other marketing entities.   We are a growing group of like minded entrepreneurs, and our core values are global. Whats most interesting is we are finding that the search for opportunity is on our side! As we are not limited to any particular niche market, thus able to grow and expand with other business models, partners or alliances that fit our mold.  My vision is to see our THW Global Team expand together, towards success in many areas of markets, including products and services, that give us more variety, without being bound by anyone or anything, that can hold back our overall success.    As THW embraces other growing markets along the way  (while they are in development stages with Major Giants as you are all aware) we must persevere and protect our Independent positions with THW and realize we all belong to the same THW family of like minded Entrepreneurs.  As our THW North American marketing arm continues to build these business  relationships, please embrace everything they do without complaining but admiring the efforts put forth to help you and many others succeed as we set our sails towards being a truly recognized group of THW industry leaders and like minded Entrepreneurs, who will never give up, and truly make our Country the USA 🇺🇸  The greatest Global Marketing Division and greatest contributor to the  THW Global business model  in the WORLD 🌎!!!   God Bless America!!!  Ron Gene 

"Scott Blevins"
USA Team Leader
Who Has Built A Ten Level Team of over 63,000 IVs
(Can Earn Up To $31,500 Monthly with $10 Power Leg Bonus)

Hello…. My name is Scott Blevins and I live on the central coast of California. I joined THW Global on June 14th and boy am I glad I did. I always have an open mind and when this was sent to me of course I wanted to see what it is was about and what was being presented. I will tell you it did not take me long to see the potential here and grasp what a brilliant concept it is…. and that is now becoming a reality….   I signed up immediately and took action. My message here today for everyone is “to share this with everyone and anyone because you never know who will come in under you”.  I sent out the information to some people I know and got my down line started and it was growing slowly and then in less than a week it had a life of its own. I have several big List Managers and Marketing Gurus that came in under me and my 10 level sponsorship down line is now over 63,500 and growing. I was lucky enough to get in early and start sharing and build this down line. The surface hasn’t even been scratched yet on building this company and many more people will be coming and joining so I urge everyone to go share an incredible FREE opportunity with everyone because you never know who will land on your team and change your world forever with the $10 Power Leg Bonus, the commissions on viewing videos and all the other things they have in store for us. 

I feel so blessed and fortunate to be in this position and will do everything I can to help everyone be successful here with THW Global. 

I am very thankful to my upline for introducing me to this great company THW Global and the future is looking very bright and I hope to meet the other great leaders here someday soon. 

Scott Blevins   

“how can you become if you only say what you would’ve done….” From: Steal My Sunshine, By Len

"Sergey Seleznev"
The Republic of Belarus, Minsk Team Leader
Who Has Built A Ten Level Team of over 90,000 IVs
(Can Earn Up To $45,000 Monthly with $10 Power Leg Bonus)

Our Lifestyle Will Be Changed by Kyunghwa Lee
South Korea Team Leader
Who Has Built A Ten Level Team of over 90,000 IVs
(Can Earn Up To $45,000 Monthly with $10 Power Leg Bonus)

When I received THWGLOBAL infors in middle of last June, I said to myself, this is what I was looking for long time -- If I get paid for what I like to do everyday,  THWglobal is perfect business for me. I got excited because IVs, advertisers and THWglobal are all win, win, win situation.

Since joining, I have been promoting THWglobal very diligently for 3 months--I even made Korean training videos for Youtube. What a surprise?, I found out that my organization grew so fast a lot more than what I expected at the beginning and now I was invited from THWGLOBAL to become one of the Leadership Team Leader.

Without help from my upline leaders from US and my hard working and committed my dowline leaders, I could not succeed what I did today. I thank and appreciate all of my upline and downline leaders. Now I wish and believe that all of our life style will be changed in short few years.

I believe THWGLOBAL will be one of the top 10 advertising company in entire world.

We Can Change Our Future by Youngtak Kim
South Korea Team Leader
Who Has Built A Ten Level Team of over 50,000 IVs
(Can Earn Up To $25,000 Monthly with $10 Power Leg Bonus)

My name is Youngtak Kim who lives in South Korea. Richard Branson the owner of Virgin Airlines said "If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you're not sure you can do it, say yes - then learn how to do it later."

When my upline partner, Myonghoon Heo, gave me this amazing opportunity on 15 June, 2016, I said "Yes. I'll do it." Of course, I didn't know exactly about this THWGlobal. But I promoted it everyday using SNS, email and so on. As a result of my effort, I am one of leaders now.

An opportunity come to everyone. Will you get this opportunity? Or will you ignore it? It's up to you. Please never regret that you did't get the opportunity in the near future. I want to say again. Now I'm giving you an amazing opportunity. Just say "YES". and the learn how to do it later.

THWGlobal is my first network business. BUT it will be my last network business. Why? THWGlobal is the best program ever. Everyone can earn without any internet skills. Just watch videos and support the advertisers and Get Paid.

Get this amazing opportunity now and then imagine your happy future. I'd like to say thank you to all executives and staffs of THWGlobal. Become an IV TODAY. We can change our future. Thanks. Youngtak

THW Global will be like HONEY by Lenin Frans
Dominican Republic Team Leader
Who Has Built A Ten Level Team of over 20,000 IVs
(Can Earn Up To $10,000 Monthly with $10 Power Leg Bonus)

Inline image 1

Hello! My name is Lenin Frans from Dominican Republic, I feel happy and satisfied with our team which help my country to be one of the leading countries in the list to Thwglobal.

When I met this opportunity through a posting on a Facebook group I did not hesitate at any time to sign up on June 15, 2016 and since then have observed much consistency in everything proposed by this great company that will be released September 21 this year.

To achieve placing my country enter the main countries of Thw I have only tended to promote in all social networks, to guide my new business partners, teaching everything I've learned and make my team repeat itself.

For everyone who has doubts so unique that I recommend it is to read and interpret all information that THW sends us to our messages and our emails and thus achieve understanding besides being patient must have the courage to fight her worst enemy it is their own fear.

I give thanks to my sponsor José Huerta help me to understand at the beginning that June 15th and I thank all my team Dominican Republic.

THW Global will be a giant in advertising in a year and much larger within 2 years or less.

The secret to create a great team is to live in a social media environment such as Facebook and others promoting THW Global persistently and consistently.  Most importantly, be patient even when BITTER SWEET but the result for those who persist WILL BE LIKE HONEY.

We Have An Obligation by Min Jung Kim
Korea Team Leader
Who Has Built A Ten Level Team over 80,000 IVs
(Can Earn Up To $40,000 Monthly with $10 Power Leg Bonus)

My name is Kim , min jung who lives in South Korea. My sponsor, Young Cho who lives in United State introduced THW Global to me and I thank and appreciate her very much for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. I believe that THWglobal business is once in a life time opportunity
for everyone who want to have their own dreams to succeed. If anyone, including myself, have not achieved your life time goals yet, I believe that THW Global will help us to achieve our financial goals.

We all have an obligation to share THW Global opportunity to our friends, family members and business contacts and help them to achieve their financial goals. Thank you very much for THW Global for giving us this life time opportunity.

THW Global is The Best by Myong Hoon Heo
Korea Team Leader
Who Has Built A Ten Level Team of just under 150,000 IVs
(Can Earn Up To $75,000 Monthly with $10 Power Leg Bonus)

I am MYONG HOON HEO in Korea doing THW global business. The name also had a strange THW.  I remember when I got the information in Mid-jun. the thought when I read the information only once, frankly I suspected 99%, but it seems to fit amazingly enough. however,it motivated me the creative and innovative ideas of THW after i tried to review it many times. While it is flowing about three months of time, Look to going to change of THW Global,now. Many of those with enough confidence and trust. By changing my habitual played in real life regarding video surfing, everyone can be win-win we all IV,THW,even advertisers. all Free IV spend all the time here, and then your life will be getting better and better. Also I assure that as much as Using the platform of great opportunity You can create even more enormous profits .

Do you currently satisfy with your life? Better we have been going up so much more Now look back to the times while stopped. which point are you now stand on ?  If you don't satisfy with the current state, because it was the wrong choice of you 5 years ago.

Do you want more $1,000 a month ? Want more $2,000 a month ? That will not be enough to change your life. then do you need more income $10,000 a month ?  By the way you have never made that happen?  But THW is for those who truly yearn It offers the best chance And it helps to be real. I still can't believe ? It is because there is no passion in your life. As much as you love your life, Now more close to the THW and learn depth allows.  then THW will start see clearly.
and get move on. it doesn't matter a bit lacking of your ability. Try to move as much as you love for your family. then Your dream becomes reality.  so I am now being change. 

My forever friend Pregident Na who told me the THW, And all those who together with me, I  wanna say thank you. And  I once again like to say thank you the executives and staffs of THW.  We can change the world !   For all the success. 

The Best Program Ever by Kim Augenstein - USA Team Leader
Who Has Built A Ten Level Team of Over 100,000 IVs
(Can Earn Up To $50,000 Monthly with $10 Power Leg Bonus)

kim augenstein's profile photo

I just wanted to say, that I have been in Network Marketing for over 20 years and have NEVER seen anything like THW Global! When this was brought to me I knew that it would be an Instant Success, and "MAKE HISTORY"! Yeah, you may have someone who doesn't believe, but HONESTLY for every NO, you will have 10 people who say YES, that's just what happen to me!!

It's really a no brainer, so lets be honest here, we all know COMMERCIALS ARE A THING OF THE PAST...No one watches them today if they have any kind of technology in their home. So WHY NOT GET PAID for watching ads, videos, movie trailers, etc., sounds like FUN TO ME! IT'S FREE. Their free IV system allows you to earn a personal maximum of $1,000 monthly and a team maximum of $10,000 monthly. 

I have over 100,000 members on my 10 level team in just a few short months, and that can happen for anyone who applies themselves. THW Global has proven themselves to being NUMBER ONE on the Internet, and "THEY WILL MAKE HISTORY"...Above and beyond any company who has ever came along. In my opinion they will surpass many others and become a HOUSEHOLD NAME!

Believe me all of Society can really use this now, in these times when it's most needed. My goal is to help others achieve their dreams, and goals, then I will achieve mine. That's the "Law of Sowing and Reaping" it just happens! There is no one who can't use an extra $1000 a month.... Like I said, for every no, you will have 10 people who say YES!

You need to come and be a part of this Great Company THW Global, and bring as many people as you can with you, and SIMPLY WATCH THIS COMPANY "MAKE HISTORY" RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES, I AM!!

Richard Branson owner of Virgin Airways and Business Magnate Said "If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you're not sure you can do it, say yes - then learn how to do it later."

Thank you THW Global we've needed you for a long time, so glad your here!:)

THW Global is The Best by Young Cho - USA Team Leader
Who Has Built A Ten Level Team of Over 50,000 IVs
(Can Earn Up To $25,000 Monthly with $10 Power Leg Bonus)

I was born in South Korea and I become a naturalized US citizen. I have been involved network marketing business globally almost 15 years. When I was introduced THWGLOBAL by my sponsor, I thought myself, this may be the business which I can accomplish my life time financial goal and help others(specially Koreans) to do same. Since it was free to join and so I joined immediately. Then I introduced THW Global to several friends and business contact in  USA and South Korea.

I was one of the first person to sponsor people in South Korea. I never imagined that from my 138 directly sponsored people to 59,000 people in 10 levels in 3 months. I never built such a big organizations in my life. First, I appreciate my sponsor for  introducing THW Global business and I thank all of my team and leaders who have worked hard and together to accomplish all of our dreams to come true. We, all of us appreciate THW Global  give us such a wonderful long term opportunity. 

If I can do what I did so far, Any of you can do better than me, if you believe in yourself.

The Best Program Ever by Daeyeon Na - Korea Team Leader
Who Has Built A Ten Level Team of Over 100,000 IVs
(Can Earn Up To $50,000 Monthly with $10 Power Leg Bonus)

The reason I think THW Global is the best program ever! #1 THW Global is an opportunity for everyone. THW Global can be monetized by watching videos, taking surveys and surfing on the THW Global website and earning tokens for surveys, commenting and even available for shopping in malls like Amazon. The THW Global plan is coming to past is being seen in the authenticity of the user thwglobal towards the world, in turn, prepared by the Company that is open enough to have faith to the user. THW Global will be a world-class global companies that competes with sns global companies such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. THW Global with the users in more than 200 countries, and a global advertising agency that is showing tremendous growth.